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Deputy Jim Devoe Arrested for Suspicion of Child Abuse, 5 year old son

Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy, Jim Devoe, has been charged with felony child abuse for severely beating his 5 year old, punching him in the face, causing serious injuries, including facial bruising and swelling of an eye hemorrhage.

Deputy Jim Devoe, assigned to the Antelope Valley Courthouse, has been booked for suspicion of felony child abuse.

The deputy was arrested on May 1 following a criminal investigation led by the department's Special Victims of Crime Bureau. Prior to his arrest, Devoe had already been on suspension from the department for a use of force incident and an allegation that he possessed illegal steroids.

The department released a statement following Devoe's arrest, saying he is on administrative leave. "Currently, Deputy Jim Devoe is on administrative leave pending outcome of the criminal investigation, which will be presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office".

A sheriff's department source told Eyewitness News that authorities began investigating Devoe after he texted his ex-wife that their son had suffered injuries from falling off his bike.

After picking her son up, the mother claimed he had serious bruising and swelling on his face.

DCFS issued a statement addressing community concerns: "Our mission to protect children is one we share with our partners in law enforcement and the community. We remain fiercely committed to strengthening our community partnerships to enhance the safety net for children and families," the statement read.

Devoe is currently out of jail on $100,000 bail.

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