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Terry Crews Speaks Out against Sexual Harassment Jokes

By: Accountability News Staff PUBLISHED: JANUARY 28, 2019

Terry Crews has been an active voice for the #MeToo movement in the hopes of ending the normalization of sexual harassment by holding one another accountable for predatory behavior.

Crews publicly stated that a powerful Hollywood figure inappropriately groped him at a party. The perpetrator was revealed to be an agent named Adam Venit. Venit publicly apologized and resigned from William Morris Endeavor. Crews didn't press charges following the apology. While many praised Crews' outspokenness, he's also been mocked for his statements.

Crews responded to a comedian named DL Hughley on Twitter, where he defended himself from Hughley's victim-blaming comments. Hughley stated that Crews could've used physical force to discourage the incident. Crews previously stated that in order to protect his career, he didn't engage in an altercation with Venit at the time.

Crews wanted to encourage other men to think twice about sexual harassment, and his responses appear that he's intent on carrying out his message. Time will tell whether or not this'll lead to more discussions about supporting sexual assault survivors.


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